Thursday, February 13, 2014

I think I've discovered why I really hate blogging here, and thus why I haven't been here.

I hate the name.

So, I'll be working on changing that up. In the meantime, I do have posts planned. I know, I know, I keep coming back every few months saying that, then disappearing again.

I had a good excuse this time! Literally, since I last posted, I've been averaging 50-60 hours/week at work. Closer to the 60 hours mark.
Seriously though. Since mid-August, between my clinicals and actually working, I was at work no less than 50 hours a week...the ENTIRE time...and from mid-August to mid-December, it was 80 hours a week.

Let that sink in, and then you'll realize why I haven't been posting.

So, next time you stop by, I'll have a new locale and link for you to follow along with me. Literally. Working on that right now. And hopefully I'll be more active :)

1 comment:

  1. OK - my new and late resolution is to be active on friends blogs again! I am excited for your blog makeover! :) I think I need one myself on a new platform. Typepad blows!